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Replace the Saeco Moltio coffee spout

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Decorative frames made of metal or plastic

      First check which model you have in front of you: is the decorative frame made of chrome-plated metal (picture 1) or made of metallized plastic (picture 2). In the first case use this guide, in the second case use this guide. Then come back here.

      Step 2 — Coffee spout

      n this step the control panel is removed. The control panel consists of several layers, when reassembling make sure that they fit well again and check whether the microswitches click. If necessary, lift up the rubber mat and check whether the small spacers are correctly seated on the microswitches.

      Step 3

      The coffee spout is attached at the top with two Torx T10 screws. Twist them out.

      Step 4

      The inner part of the coffee spout is attached with a bayonet. Use a fair amount of force to push the coffee dispenser up and then pull it out away from the machine.

      Step 5

      The inlet hose is attached to the coffee dispenser with a clamp. Use a pair of tweezers to pull the clip out and peel off the tubing.

      Step 6

      For information, the spout is already completely disassembled in the first picture. The chrome-plated cover does not necessarily have to be removed.

      Step 7

      The lid on the coffee dispenser is very firmly locked in place. Carefully peel it off.

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