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Smoking Kenwood Chef Repair

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      This old A901D started to heavily smoke while running. In the motor electronics, a failed capacitor was the reason for the smoke. It was replaced, along with other electronic components. It was a triac BTA08-600CW, a block capacitor 150 nF, a blocking capacitor 470nF and a resistor 150 kOhm. All components can be had for a few pennies a piece.

      Step 2

      Flip the machine upside down, so that the bottom is facing up.

      Step 3

      Remove the screw that holds the cable connector to the motor cover.

      Step 4

      Open the pedestal.

      Step 5

      Take out the motor cover. It is held under the axle of the pedestal.

      Step 6

      The motor control electronics are now exposed. For other models, the control board looks different. But you can often recognize the defective capacitor(s). Replace them and any additional defective resistors (if any). The triac is under a lot of stress and brakes easily. Replace it if necessary. The components listed are all very cheap.

      Step 7

      Unscrew the two speed adjustment screws. Remove the springs and the screw retention clamps.

      Step 8

      Remove the thermal fuse from its holder.

      Step 9

      In the first picture, three of the four components were already desoldered. Unscrew the triac. Note the thermal compound on the heatsink of the triac. Thermal paste will be applied to the new triac later.

      Step 10

      The thermal fuse is inserted, the On/Off-switch is waiting to be soldered.

      Step 11

      Everything is completed and ready to be reassembled. The on / off switch is soldered, the adjusting screws are screwed in and the circuit board is attached to the case with both screws.

      Step 12

      Adjusting of the speed control after repair:

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