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Saeco Minuto brewing unit gasket replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Open the hatch on the side panel and remove the brewing unit.

      Step 2

      The spout for the hot coffee is located on the top of the brewing unit. It is fastened with two screws. Underneath is the crema valve. It consists of a spring and a little glass ball. Make sure the spring is reinserted with the thin end touching the glass ball when re-assembling.

      Step 3

      The upper piston is held in place in the frame with four locking pawls. Push down all four latches with a spudger, then remove the piston by pushing it downward.

      Step 4

      There are three Torx T10 screws in deep blind holes that hold together the two parts of the brewing unit. Unscrew them and lift off the upper side panel.

      Step 5

      Now you can disassemble the brewing unit into its three main parts: the brewing unit and the two side panels.

      Step 6

      You can push out the lower piston from the brewing unit if you snap the deflection lever out of its socket with a screw driver.

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