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iPhone 7 - Replace U3101 Audio IC

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Remove U3101

      Remove the chip cleanly, with warm air. On my Quick 861DE station, I use as settings 400 °: C and 100L / min. For you to decide which settings you prefer, you can find the Quick 861DW on the shop.

      Step 2 — Verification with the schema

      If we compare to the diagram on the PhoneBoard software;

      Step 3 — Put a jumper

      Take copper wire diameter 0.02mm

      Step 4 — Ask all jumpers

      The procedure is the same for F12, H12, J12. A12 and B12 are grounded and are not used for U3101 operation, no need to jump.

      Step 5 — Rebillage de U3101

      Ask the flow.

      Step 6 — Check the balls

      Extract the chip by pushing with a thin tweezers.

      Step 7 — Replace the chip

      And we end up putting the chip back. Flow, position and solder with hot air.

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