Cervantes Touch Light Bq ereader Screen Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Take off the frame

      This operation has to be made really carefully not to break the infrared guide located underneath the top cover

      Step 2 — Take off The Cover

      Take off the cover

      Step 3 — Remove the screws of the bottom cover

      Unscrew the 4 screws shown in the picture

      Step 4 — Detach the IR guide from the screen

      Unscrew the screws shown in the picture

      Step 5 — Disconnect the battery

      Disconnect the battery first. You have to push the connector up as shown in the video

      Step 6 — Disconnect the screen

      To loosen the screen, you have to lift the latch of the connectors as shown in the video

      Step 7 — Unstick the screen from the metal plate

      The screen is glued with double sided tape to the metal plate

      Step 8 — Everything is disassembled!

      Here you can se, from left to right: Frame, Bottom Cover, IR Guide, Main Board and Screen.

      Step 9 — Stick the IR Guide to the new screen

      It's important to stick the IR Guide to the new Screen before sticking it to the metal plate, the IR guide it's useful to center the screen

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