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Fixing a lid that does not open on a Graef WK 402

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      The spring loaded mechanism that opened the lid no longer worked. To fix this the metal lid must be disassembled. To accomplish this use a flat head screw driver or a narrow piece of plastic to get in between the sealing ring and the lever

      Step 2

      To repair the lid the following instructions are not necessary.

      Step 3

      To take off the handle. Take a narrow object a flat head screw driver or a spudger and work up the side of the handle. There are four snaps that will release as the screwdriver works its way up. After completing this you can turn the handle part upwards and away.

      Step 4

      To loosen internal screws it is best to use a long screwdriver and start through the spout.

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