Kindle 4 Battery Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      With the two housing openers on the long sides of the housing begin to open this. The lid has a total of 8 snap closures with 4 of them (on the long sides) are designed so that they can only be opened when disassembled destructive.

      Step 2

      After 3 sides of the housing cover have been opened, it still adheres to the battery cover glued with double-sided adhesive tape. For this, it is best to create a small gap with screwdrivers and cut the bond with a scalpel or loosen the bond with a hot-air blower.

      Step 3 — Remove the case cover

      After loosening the adhesive, the case cover can be easily removed.

      Step 4 — Remove the battery cover

      Remove the two screws of the battery cover with a TX5 screwdriver.

      Step 5

      The battery cover and the housing cover are now to be freed from the glue residues with the scalpel / surgical spirit.

      Step 6 — Disconnect the battery

      Then carefully disconnect the flex cable of the battery, making sure that the contacts are not being short-circuited.

      Step 7 — Remove the battery

      The battery is glued to the housing, it takes some force to remove it. Be very careful not to puncture the battery as it might catch fire and/or explode! Dispose of the old battery professionally.

      Step 8 — Insert new battery

      The new battery can be fixed immediately by the remaining adhesive residue. Reconnect the flex cable of the new battery, making sure that the contacts are not short-circuited.

      Step 9

      The display now shows the indication of an empty battery.

      Step 10 — Secure the battery cover

      Secure the battery cover with the two TX 5 screws. Ensure a good fit of the housing cover with a few strips of double-sided tape as shown in the picture. However, do not use too much which would hinder another future disassembly.

      Step 11 — Finish the reassembly

      The case cover can be put back despite the four missing fixations and should be quite quite firmly seated.

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