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Logitech C920 Webcam Disassembly

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      On the bottom side of the webcam, remove the stickers from both sides

      Step 2

      Remove the four Phillips screws.

      Step 3

      Once you’ve removed the side covers, unscrew all eight Phillips screws highlighted.

      Step 4

      Remove the lens's crystal cover.

      Step 5

      Carefully remove the metal supports from the webcam's base.

      Step 6

      Carefully remove the base of the plastic support. Loosen the three screws that secure the electronic circuit.

      Step 7

      Disconnect the USB cable connector.

      Step 8

      Remove the electronic circuit.

      Step 9

      Release the clip that secures the cable holder. Pull this cable holder out of the camera.

      Step 10

      Front and back images of the webcam's electronic circuit board.

      Step 11

      The problem was the broken cable on the back of the camera. I've cut the faulty part and redid the connections by welding them and insulated them with heat shrinking tubes.

      Step 12

      The repaired cable was attached to the camera. Coated it with some masking tape. Camera tested: OK!

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