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Redmi Note 4 Global Display Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Use a pin to remove the SIM & SD card

      Step 2

      With the help of a silicone spatula or similar opening tool, press gently into the separation between housing and screen

      Step 3

      Disconnect the rest of the connectors

      Step 4

      First disconnect the connector for the fingerprint scanner

      Step 5

      Remove all Phillips screws screws eg with a #00 Phillips driver

      Step 6

      Remove the rest of the screws

      Step 7

      Remove the plastic cover from the top of the phone

      Step 8

      Move the plastic tab to the side to remove the main board

      Step 9

      Disconnect the ribbon cable

      Step 10

      Gently separate the side button bar from the frame

      Step 11

      Remove the upper speaker

      Step 12

      To remove the battery remove the two adhesive strips by pulling the tabs.

      Step 13

      Disconnect the ribbon cable for the charging board. Keep it safe for later reuse.

      Step 14

      Depending on the completeness of the replacement part, the LED lighting may also be removed

      Step 15 — First Test

      For testing purposes, the button bar, the screen and the battery can be connected.

      Step 16

      Insert the upper speaker and press it into the end position

      Step 17

      If previously removed, insert the LED bar (red circle)

      Step 18

      Remove the blue protective strip from the corresponding adhesive surface. Insert the ribbon cable into the power supply

      Step 19

      Install the lower plastic cover and screw it in place

      Step 20

      Insert the motherboard

      Step 21

      Reconnect all connectors

      Step 22 — Replacing the battery

      Remove the cover from the two adhesive strips for the battery

      Step 23

      Press the fingerprint scanner back into its position.

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