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Philips steam ironing station GC9640 solenoid valve coil replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Preparation

      Pull out the plug. If necessary, allow the device to cool down for 10 minutes. Remove the water tank. Place the iron on a suitable surface.

      Step 2 — Empty the steam boiler

      Place a suitable container to catch the water.

      Step 3 — Remove the bottom of the device

      Turn the device upside down.

      Step 4 — Open device

      Place the unit with the bottom facing downwards. Carefully lift the upper part.

      Step 5 — Measuring the solenoid valve coils resistance

      Remove the rubber protection cap from the cable lug of the conductor.

      Step 6 — Removing the solenoid coil

      In order to disassemble the coil the valve must be turned approximately 30° counterclockwise. Replacing the whole valve doesn't make a lot of sense here, because the pressure hoses are partly glued together or are fixed in place with clamping rings.

      Step 7 — Assembly

      Assembly is done by following the steps in reverse order.

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