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SYNOLOGY DS718+ Teardown

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Case presentation: front panel

      This NAS DS718 + is equipped with 4 GB of RAM (6 GB max.), an INTEL Celeron J3455 64-bit Quad processor, two bays for SATA drives (HDD, or SSD).

      Step 2 — Cas presentation: rear panel


      Step 3 — Backplane and memory access

      Before teardown, unlock the disk media with the key.

      Step 4 — Teardown: Rear Panel - Step 1 / 3

      1 - Remove the two screws placed under the NAS, on rear side.

      Step 5 — Teardown: rear panel - step 2 / 3

      To remove the rear panel …

      Step 6 — Teardown: rear panel - step 3 / 3

      Once removed, remove the fan connector from the motherboard.

      Step 7 — Removing the Metal Housing

      Once the rear panel is removed, the housing can be removed. To do so drag the cover about 1 cm to the back of the NAS then lift the hood upwards.

      Step 8 — Naked case before disassembling metal housing

      Now remains the front to remove ...

      Step 9 — Teradown: front panel - step 1 / 2

      Remove the two screws under the box on the front side and then ...

      Step 10 — Teardown: front panel - step 2 / 2

      and remove the front panel …

      Step 11 — Teardown: crankcase and expansion card 1/3

      x 4 screws to remove …

      Step 12 — Teardown: crankcase and expansion card 2/3

      This part is delicate to assembly as to disassembly. Read full instructions carefully before handling.

      Step 13 — Teardown: crankcase and expansion card 3/3


      Step 14 — Teardown: motherboard and memory

      motherboard (processor side)

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