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Saeco Royal thermoblock removal

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Saeco Royal Opening Procedure

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      This is what the removed thermoblock looks like. This one was 14 years old and leaking in various places.

      Step 2

      A look into the open device. The thermoblock is hidden under a pile of cables and tubes.

      Step 3

      It's safer to number the cable connectors on the electronics. You probably just need to disconnect the slightly hidden # 14 connector on the two green cables at the very bottom and # 7 on the blue cable on the top.

      Step 4

      The thermoblock is attached to the wall behind the brew group with only two Phillips screws.

      Step 5

      Take out the thermoblock and place it on the machine.

      Step 6

      Pull the clamp on the hose to the steam valve off.

      Step 7

      Remove the metal holder of the thermal fuse.

      Step 8

      Pull first the clamp, and then the second pressure hose out of the thermoblock.

      Step 9

      Disconnect the connector with the two gray cables from the thermal switch.

      Step 10

      The blue cable from the thermoblock leads to the connector on the electronics, which is marked with 7 here. This particular plug stuck a lot, so force was required to pull it out.

      Step 11

      The Allen screw, which holds the holder of the two thermocouples, was not easy to open...

      Step 12

      Thread the green and blue cables out.

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