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Remove Jura Brew unit

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Jura Impressa opening procedure

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Slide the coffee funnel up and lift it out. It often sits very tight and you have to pull hard until it becomes free.

      Step 2

      Remove the Torx T15 screw from the water inlet.

      Step 3

      Pull out the clamp on the pressure hose between the steam valve and the brew unit.

      Step 4

      The brew unit is mounted from the motor side with two Torx T20 screws to the left and right of the motor connection, these are located deep on the inside.

      Step 5

      The brew unit moves up and down in a slide driven by an elongated rack. There are four Torx T10 screws on the slide. The top left screw must remain attached.

      Step 6

      Now the brew unitis free. Tilt it to the bottom but pay attention to the pressure hose. It must be led through an opening. Then push the brew group slightly downward to lift it out of the unit.

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