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Toyota Yaris (Echo) 1999-2005 headlight optical unit remplacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Unscrew the front bumper

      Unscrew the cross-head screws which attach the front bumper to the car.

      Step 2 — Wheel arch screw

      Unscrew the cross-head screw in the wheel arch.

      Step 3 — Bumper central attachment

      Release the plastic clip which attaches the top of the bumper to the middle of the radiator grill.

      Step 4 — Bumper withdrawal

      Disengage the the bumper attachment.

      Step 5

      Remove the cross-head screw on the side of the headlight (at the front).

      Step 6

      Lift the top attachment of the headlight.

      Step 7 — Indicator bulb

      Twist the indicator connector a quarter turn anticlockwise.

      Step 8 — Main beam bulb

      Withdraw the rubber boot on the back of the main beam bulb.

      Step 9 — Side light

      Twist the side light connector a quarter turn anticlockwise.

      Step 10 — Dip motor

      Twist headlight dip motor a quarter turn anticlockwise.

      Step 11 — Spanking new!

      To reassemble your headlight, take care to correctly position it before replacing the bulbs, the dip motor and the screws.

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