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Translating step 1

Step 1
Remove the two screws securing the Taptic Engine:
Remove the Taptic Engine
  • Remove the two screws securing the Taptic Engine:

  • One 2.1 mm Phillips screw

  • One 2.1 mm standoff screw

  • Standoff screws are best removed using a standoff screwdriver or bit.

  • In a pinch, a small flathead screwdriver will do the job—but use extra caution to ensure it doesn't slip and damage surrounding components.

Taptic Engineを固定している2本のネジを取り外します。

2.1mm プラスネジ1本

2.1mm スタンドオフネジ1本

Standoffネジを取り外すにはiPhone Standoff Screwdriver Bitとdriver handleを使うのがベストです。


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