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Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 repairing the battery cover plate

Guide Information

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Reparación de la tapa de la batería de Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 reparar la CHAPA de la puerta de la batería.
Reparar la CHAPA de lla puerta de la batería sin cambiar la puerta completa, sin quitar un solo tornillo, sin desarmar la cámara y sin perder la garantía.

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Get the Spare

      As they do not sell the plate alone, it is necessary to buy the complete door, I did it on

      Step 2 — Remove the metal lid of the new door

      Since we received the spare part, we removed the plate from the new door, for this we put a very small flat screwdriver in the marked slot and pushed towards the side of the hinge.

      Step 3 — We put the pin in the original door in the camera

      We take the pin (safe) of the new door and place it in the original door in the chamber.

      Step 4 — We cover the pin with the metal door

      We put the metal plate on the original door and ready.

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