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Translating step 18

Step 18
Chips on a board. Kinda like ants on a log.
  • Chips on a board. Kinda like ants on a log.

  • STMicroelectronics LIS331DLH (2233/DSH/GFGHA) ultra low-power, high performance, three-axis linear accelerometer

  • Texas Instruments 343S0628 touch screen SoC

  • Broadcom BCM5976 touchscreen controller

  • Rather than a single touchscreen controller, Apple went with a multi-chip solution to handle the larger screen size, à la iPad.

  • Apple A6 application processor

  • Qualcomm MDM9615M LTE modem

  • Qualcomm RTR8600 Multi-band/mode RF transceiver, the same one found in the Samsung Galaxy S III


STMicroelectronics LIS331DLH (2233/DSH/GFGHA)超低功耗、高性能三轴直线加速度计

德州仪器 343S0628触摸屏SoC

Broadcom BCM5976触摸屏控制器


苹果 A6 CPU

高通 MDM9615M LTE 调制解调器

高通 RTR8600 多波段/模式射频收发器,与三星Galaxy S III相同

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