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Translating step 19

Step 19
An iPhone with 4G connectivity? It's more likely than you think.
  • An iPhone with 4G connectivity? It's more likely than you think.

  • We can now confirm that the Qualcomm MDM9615M is the 4G LTE modem powering this new feature.

  • After being teased for over a year by Android bullies, the iPhone faithful finally have 4G LTE on their side. What will they do with this newfound power? Only time will tell.

  • The Qualcomm MDM9615M is a 28 nm LTE (FDD and TDD), HSPA+, EV-DO Rev B, TD-SCDMA modem.

  • The MDM9615 allows for multi-spectrums, multi-mode LTE support. It is responsible for transmitting simultaneous voice and data transfer on LTE (provided the carrier has the infrastructure to allow simultaneous voice and data transfer.)

  • We also find the Qualcomm RTR8600 multi-band/mode RF transceiver. The RTR8600 is paired alongside the MDM9615 to support various bands, including 5 UMTS bands, and over 5 LTE and 4 EDGE bands.

支持4G的iPhone ?这比你想象的更有可能。

我们现在可以确认Qualcomm MDM9615M是支持这一新功能的4G LTE调制解调器。

在被安卓系统的恶霸们取笑了一年多之后,iPhone的忠实用户终于站到了4G LTE的一边。他们将如何利用这些新发现的力量?只有时间能证明一切。

高通MDM9615M基带采用28nm工艺,支持 LTE (FDD和TDD)、HSPA+、EV-DO Rev B、TD-SCDMA。



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