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Navi Falk Neo550 Battery Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Unscrew lower edge cover

      Using a PH 0 screwdriver, loosen the four screws on the underside of the device.

      Step 2 — Release the screen

      Pull the plastic card at the lower corners, starting at the bottom of the screen.

      Step 3 — Remove the edge cover

      At one of the bottom corners, remove the edge cover by sliding a plastic card from the front of the navigation system under the edge.

      Step 4 — remove inner edge cover

      Use the screwdriver PH 0 to remove the two screws at the upper edge.

      Step 5 — Separate wall

      Pull a plastic card between the wall and the side panel to separate them. After the sides also separate the upper edge.

      Step 6 — remove inner edge cover

      Pull out the inner edge cover between the screen and the rear panel.

      Step 7 — Disconnect the battery cable

      Pull the battery cable downwards, then out from the guide nose.

      Step 8 — Disconnect the battery cable

      Remove the adhesive tape from the battery.

      Step 9

      The battery is glued to the housing with a very tough adhesive tape. "Carefully" pry out. (You can probably solve this with isopropyl alcohol - I read later).

      Step 10 — assembly

      Install new battery. Reassemble the unit in reverse order of disassembly steps.

      Step 11 — Outlook

      For me, the device worked well after the battery replacement. It was easy to turn on and off.

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