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Huawei Nova 2 LCD Display + Touchscreen + Frame switch

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Sim tray

      To begin with, the sim tray is best removed. With this model and to do this repair it is not really necessary but in any case a good habit to start with.

      Step 2 — Remove screws at the bottom

      Remove the 2 screws at the bottom that hold the screen module in place.

      Step 3 — Loosen display

      Start by heating the screen to make the glue soft and smooth. The glued areas are the upper corners, around the ear speaker and thin glue strips on the sides. The most glued zone is the bottom: almost the entire black bottom with the Huawei logo is glued.

      Step 4 — Tilt the screen

      After all the glue has been successfully cut using a pick or plastic card / playing card, you can carefully tilt the screen. Hold the top approximately in position and lift the bottom (see image). If resistance is encountered, the screen must also be heated up.

      Step 5 — Unscrew the cover plate

      Now the display can be placed next to the device. Make sure that there are no excessive tensile forces or stresses on the connecting cable. Remove the Philips screw that holds the cover in place.

      Step 6 — Disconnect battery and screen

      Start by disconnecting the battery connector using a plastic spatula. It is always a good practice to disconnect the battery as soon as possible when carrying out a repair.

      Step 7 — Compare old and new screen

      Carefully compare the old with the new screen and make sure that all protective films and stickers are removed (possibly after testing the screen). For example, I had a red stick on the camera fitting for protection against scratches and dirt.

      Step 8 — Remove adhesive residue

      Remove the old glue on the edges of the frame as much as possible.

      Step 9 — Install the new screen

      Apply glue to all previously studied areas with glue residues on the old screen, namely the edges, the entire black bottom of the screen, the top corners and around the ear speaker.

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