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Placa lógica de remplazo para iPhone 5c

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Get Informed before Repair

      With a grand variety of colors to choose (white, blue, pink, green, and yellow), we decided on blue

      Step 2 — SIM Card

      Remember to take out the SIM tray

      Step 3 — Unscrewing the Screws

      These super small Pentalobe screws are slightly different than those of the iPhone 5 and 5s.

      Step 4 — Opening the Iphone

      Now with a suction tool, we lift the screen.

      Step 5 — Battery

      Now we UNSCREW the two marked screws (see image).

      Step 6 — Display

      Remove the following Phillips #000 screws that hold support to the front panel assembly to the logic board.

      Step 7 — Display Cables

      Use a plastic spudger tool to disconnect the front camera and the connector for the sensor cable.

      Step 8

      Use a plastic spudger to disconnect the LCD cable from its connector.

      Step 9

      Remove the front panel from the back case.

      Step 10 — Remove All Screws

      Remove all of the Phillips #000 screws (2.0mm) that are fixed to the logic board.

      Step 11 — Logic Board Front Part

      The front part of the logic board:

      Step 12 — Logic Board Rear Part

      The back portion of the logic board:

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