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[* black] Someone really did not want the battery in the MacBook Pro to come out of the upper case.
[* black] We tried valiantly with our [product|IF145-108|iFixit 6 Inch Metal Ruler] to free the battery from its aluminum confines, but to no avail. Rather than risk puncturing a lithium-polymer battery cell, we left the power source in place.
[* black] [EDIT: It might be a help, to toss the stripped down body with battery in an oven @ 90/110 degrees centigrade for about 20 minutes, and retry. This technique helps to remove the batteries from iPads without damage, and probably will help with this puppy also.
[* black] To complicate matters further, the TrackPad cable lies underneath the battery. Attempting to pry the battery off the upper case could easily sever the fragile cable, which would be bad.