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[* black] The back of the logic board revealed:
[* red] Hynix [|H5TC2G83CFR] DDR3L SDRAM 2Gbit 1600MHz chips
[* orange] Hynix [|H5GQ2H24AFR] - 2.5GHz 2Gbit GDDR5 memory chips
[* yellow] Texas Instruments [|Stellaris LM4FS1AH] microcontroller iwth integrated ARM core
[* green] Renesas R4F2113[|R4F2113] MCU
[* green] Renesas R4F2113[|R4F2113] MCU
[* blue] Maxim MAX15119 Apple-specific IMVP7 CPU/GPU power controller
[* violet] Cypress Semiconductor [|CY8C24794-24L] - a Programmable SoC