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[* black] As is the case with [guide|7099|most tablets|stepid=30226], the iPad 3 is really just a giant battery.
[* black] Some help from our spudger allows us to remove the battery from the device for further inspection.
[* black] While the iPad 2 housed a formidable 25 watt-hour Li-ion battery, the iPad 3 has upped the ante to the tune of 42.5 watt-hours.
[* black] Its 3.7 volts and estimated 10 hours of use (9 with cellular data network) are comparable to that of the iPad 2, but we assume the extra 17.5 watt-hours are put to good use powering the extra RAM and greatly improved GPU.
[* black] The battery has three cells, each approximately 12.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 4 mm. The iPad 2's battery cells were 10.8 cm x 6.3 cm x 2.7mm.