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[* black] Top of logic board:
[* black] Skyworks SKY77542 Tx–Rx iPAC™ FEM for Dual-Band GSM/GPRS: 880–915 MHz and 1710–1785 MHz bands.
[* black] Skyworks SKY77541 GSM/GRPS Front End Module
[* black] 3 mm x 3 mm STMicro 33DH 3-axis accelerometer: BG7AX.
[* black] TriQuint TQM676091
[* black] 338S0626
[* black] Apple A4 Processor
[* black] The AGD1 is the new 3 axis gyroscope that we believe is designed and manufactured by ST Micro for Apple. The package marks on this device do not appear to be the currently available commercial part, L3G4200D. The commercial version of this gyroscope is yet to be released — Apple got first dibs on it.