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Edit History: Nexus 7 Battery Replacement

Nick Myers
(Accepted by Carsten Frauenheim)

Nick Myers (Denied by Adam O'Camb)

Eate (Denied by Adam O'Camb)

Jeff Suovanen
(Accepted by Jeff Suovanen)

Skyler Wright
(Accepted by Evan Noronha)

victarmas (Denied by Andrew Optimus Goldheart)

Jeff Stephens
(Accepted by Jeff Stephens)

Robert Myers
(Accepted by Robert Myers)

(Accepted by iRobot)

(Accepted by iRobot)

Jake Devincenzi
(Accepted by Jake Devincenzi)

Miroslav Djuric
(Accepted by Miroslav Djuric)

Brett Hartt
(Accepted by Brett Hartt)

Brett Hartt
(Accepted by Brett Hartt)

Walter Galan
(Accepted by Walter Galan)