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Now that we're done removing the battery, the covers, and the keyboard, we must remove the palmrest.

Flip the laptop bottom-up. Pry the two rear rubber feet off with a small flathead screwdriver, and remove the two same-size Philips screws under them.

Remove the 11 same-sized Philips screws.

Remove the single shorter Philips screw securing the disc drive, and slide the disc drive out.

Remove 4 more Philips screws, these being differently sized.

Remove the hard drive by pulling on the caddy tab, pull on the connector on the motherboard, and set the drive aside. Remove any screws you see from behind where the hard drive was. Also unplug the wireless antenna connectors.

Flip the laptop normally, open the screen, and remove the power touchpad and fingerprint reader cables from the motherboard.

Remove the three remaining screws holding the palmrest. Use a guitar pick to separate the palmrest from the base, and then slowly lift the palmrest to reveal the power button cable. Remove it, and then put the palmrest aside. Whew!

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