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Unfortunately, the right case is glued shut on the volume wheel. Hence, the opening will be destructive to some parts of the case. To open it, a thin dentist spetula comes in handy.

First, you have to pry off the silver ring around the "T". The entire circular logo will come off, breaking off the center of the letter T, which is glued to a central axis inside the case. Unfortunatley, this action will probably also scratch the outer white circle of the volume wheel.

Once the center part is off, the entire white rotating volume wheel will come off easily. Just pull it from its axis by hand.

Next, you can open the case separating the top and bottom shells. This is best done by sticking some type of spatula (a guitar pick works well) into the rim between the two shells to unhook all four latches near the corners of the case.

Notice the silvery thingy on top of the central axis is a remainder of the broken T.

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