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Once you remove the protective film on the new screen you will never be able to return it. It is safe to test with it on for a short period.

Note the display cable tidy will need to be clipped back in place when replacing the final screen.

Plug in the new screen and clip the cable back into place. Gently lower the screen back in to position with the four screw holes. Screw in the four screws. Connect the mains adaptor and power up. Look for any missing pixels or anything unusual.

If satisfied, remove the power. Unscrew and gently lift the screen out and rest on the keyboard. You should be able to gently remove the tape attaching the protective screen, then follow reassembly.

In this example the screen never touches the keyboard because it is still covered in protective film/ screen. If for some reason yours does not have protection you will need to put a thin soft cloth over the keyboard first to avoid pressure or scratch damage.

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