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This LED ribbon cable to IR board connection can be intimidating at first, because it feels "directly connected" to the board - but it's actually just a connector on the IR board face. The first two images are from a teardown of a modified 1.2 (you'll never see it like this in your own device) but they'll give a better idea of how it's connected.

These photos show the orange ribbon cable with the LEDs on it out of the HMD's housing. This was a development unit whose full tracking capabilities were sacrificed for the greater good. DO NOT remove the orange ribbon cables from your own HMD to try to get easier access - precise positioning of the LEDs is required for tracking.

First photo: connector attached, with ribbon cable unfolded out of the way for a clear view. Viewing the "top" of the board, which faces out the side of the HMD when installed.

When inside the HDK, the green arrow would be pointing out the front of the HMD.

When the orange ribbon cable with the LEDs is correctly left intact, it would actually gently bend (near the marked black line) over the IR board so that both blue arrows would point toward the top of the HMD.

Second image: connector immediately after disconnection, with both halves of the connector facing the camera. Again, ribbon cable unnaturally unfolded for ease of photography. As before, green arrows would point out the front, and blue arrows would point toward the top.

Here, you can see both the ribbon-cable side of the connector ("receptacle"), in yellow, and the board-side connector, highlighted in red. For a clearer view of how they mate, see the JAE WP7 series connector datasheet (board uses a JAE-WP7B-P040VA1) which has 3d renderings.

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