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If you're using a generic, metal-cased "USB stick" style programmer, it will likely have a pinout diagram on it like this. Recall from the P3 pinout that we have 3.3V, SWIM, GND, and RST, in that order, on the board - and now on your connector!

Conveniently, this programmer has those same pins right next to each other (though in reverse order) starting at its own pin 1, indicated by that embossed arrow in the plastic. I used the cables it came with, connecting white to RST, black to GND, brown to SWIM (the data line), and red to 3.3V.

On my CD-Audio connectors, with the notch for the "tab" down, pin 1 is on the left, so that means the correct order left to right would then be red, brown, black, and white, as pictured. The cable colors may vary, but make sure the order matches.

You can now proceed with the programming!

If you're using Windows, when you plug the programming tool into your computer, you'll probably need to install the drivers for it

If you're able to use the P5 connector, here's where you pick back up: follow the instructions in the user manual from ST to connect the cable to P5, then proceed with the programming.

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