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Insert the wires from the connector through the "top" of the board (the side with the P3 silkscreen), making sure that you've matched pin 1 of P3 with the pin 1 wire from your connector.

While holding the wires in place, carefully turn the circuit board over so that the "top" side faces down and the tinned ends of the wires protrude through the circuit board. (You may wish to use a soldering clamp or similar tool to help at this point.)

Apply flux and carefully solder all four wires (heating both pad and wire, then applying solder once hot). The solder should wick down through the plated through-hole to the other side, turning the copper pads to a silver color on both sides and smoothly reaching up the wire.

Make sure to not apply too much solder, and also make sure the pads are not shorted together!

Once the solder joints have cooled (without moving!), and you are confident that they are solid, clean, and shiny all around, you can trim the excess wire protruding from the bottom of the board.

Again, this isn't a soldering tutorial (and the image isn't necessarily of the best soldering job ever) - but there are lots of resources online.

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