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You'll want to choose some wire that is not too thick (needs to fit in the holes in the circuit board) and ideally flexible enough that you can easily fold the connector and wire back into the HDK and reassemble.

The example with the red wire is solid hookup wire from a spool, 22 AWG (0.65mm diameter). It's a little stiff: it works, but it's not very bendable.

The multi-colored wire in the other example is two of the four twisted pairs out of some "riser-rated" CAT5e - 24 AWG (0.51mm diameter) solid. (I put the two pairs into heatshrink to make it tidier.) This is much nicer: flexes easier to move in and out of the headset, and less bulky. The pairs don't really matter since only one wire is a data wire.

Whatever wire you choose, you'll want 4 wires about 1.5" or 4cm long, with ends stripped and tinned so you can solder them. You'll also want to take care during the process, especially if your wires are all the same color, that you're keeping the wires in order.

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