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This is a view of a HDK v1.4 and up IR board, looking at the side that faces the outside of the HMD. When re-installed, the left edge of the board as seen here goes toward the top of the HMD.

Here you can get a better look at the features from the previous step which may help in reassembly.

This is the board-to-board ribbon cable. Removing the main board end is much easier to re-assemble than removing the IR board end, so just leave this cable attached to the IR board while it's out.

This is the board half of the connector to the orange ribbon cables - you can see it's flat against the board and rectangular in shape (and not necessarily perfectly square with the board), which might help you visualize reconnecting it.

This is the "P5" programming header suitable for use with official, full ST-Link v2 kits with cable bundle. Earlier boards do not have this connector or even this section of circuit board jutting out - that's nothing to worry about. The pinout is a duplicate of P3.

At the bottom-center, below the STM8 microcontroller, is a pair of unpopulated headers. The P3 header, highlighted in orange, is the programming header, and thus the one we're interested in. Pin 1 and 4 are numbered in the silkscreen, and pin 1 is also marked with a dot and has a square, rather than circular, pad.

The pinout for P3 (and P5, if present - pin 1 there is indicated by a circle) is: 1: 3.3v, 2: SWIM, 3: GND, 4: RESET

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