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If you are following this guide to reprogram the IR board, and are able to use the "P5" programming connector - no more disassembly is required. The pink box indicates the location of P5 in an assembled HDK 1.x with the connector (1.4 units shipped with a P5-containing IR board).

Disconnect the board-to-board ribbon cable (connecting the IR board to the main circuit board) by lifting/tilting the white locking piece then gently sliding out the ribbon cable.

Flat on the surface of the IR board, about where the yellow arrow points, the orange ribbon cables (which carry the IR LEDs and additional positional tracking circuitry) connect to the IR board with the same sort of flat connector that is used between the faceplate ribbon cable and the main body.

The connector section of the ribbon cable is reinforced with a small board, which you can see just past the edge of the IR board itself. In a 1.4 or newer, as shown, it's right above the P5 connector (pink). If you come in from the front, you'll likely need a fingernail or pick/spudger. From behind the connector, a finger will probably be enough.

When re-assembling, get the board in position and connect the other ribbon cable first. Then, this cable should naturally line up at the right spot. Be gentle and don't force it: these connectors are not made for hard or repeated reconnection, and they won't click together if not centered and aligned perfectly. It's a little fiddly but doable.

See the next step for more information, detailed photos, and disassembly tactics for this orange ribbon cable connector.

Once those two cables have been removed, you should be able to shimmy the IR board out: be careful not to tug on any of the orange ribbon cables (they should be attached to the HMD case with adhesive on rubber bumpers at each LED location). It's OK to press the rubber bumpers back down onto the case if the adhesive has pulled away.

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