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I used parts from eBay seller "g_loc". They are interchangeable with the Epson parts. My fix has the original Epson inner shaft and the g_loc outer shaft.

You can also fix the Epson part using a variety of methods: a paper clip, heat shrink tubing, small spring (like from a pen), aluminum duct tape, thin fiber-glass tape impregnated with JB Weld let dry overnight, short length of copper pipe or a plastic straw. See the comments for this section and the general comments for more ideas.

For the paper clip fix, using pliers, tightly wrap a paperclip around the shaft you have removed. Wrap it near the end that is NOT splayed out, then pull it up to the end which IS bad, as you move it up, it will squeeze the splayed ends back in place.

Be careful if you use the heatshrink tubing fix. I tried it and melted the Epson inner shaft in seconds. The pen spring fix seems much safer.

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