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TOO CLOSE (ie: grinding too fine): If the burrs are too close, or even touching (but centered), the nut on the lower burr may not be tight enough. With the ratchet and 10mm socket, give it a quick counter-clockwise jerk. If that fails, recheck your fit-up against the second photo to make sure the lower conical burr is the proper height.

If it's clear that the lower burr is sitting too high on the impeller, see the 3rd picture and sand the area highlighted in RED. While doing this, periodically install and re-check the lower burr height until it matches photo #2. Careful not to sand off too much as it's easy to remove thickness but hard to add it back.

TOO FAR: If the burrs are too far apart such that the grind isn't fine enough, it could be that the steel washer underneath the impeller got left out. See step #9. Additionally, you can try removing *one* of the two washers above the lower burr and not tightening the nut as much. There's also a shim kit offered by Breville if you contact them.

Lastly, both of the above issues can happen if the alignment in "Step 12" got shifted. If so, you may need to pop-off and adjust the rotation of the upper-burr holder assembly. This is tricky, but doable. I suggest marking the existing alignment with permanent marker before experimenting.

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