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Place the display back into the frame and screw in the two screws that hold it in place.

Put the conical burr in place making sure it sets on the drive pegs of the new impeller properly.

Place the washers on while maintaining their original order. ie: Flat washer on the bottom, split washer on top.

Tighten the reverse threaded 10mm nut.

Tighten the nut as hard as you can. The impeller, being plastic, has a small amount of springiness to it and must be squashed hard so that the height of the lower burr does not vary. If you find that the burrs are too close after you're all done, then this is the reason. Tighten until the motor begins to move, and then give it an extra wack.

Check the grind knob to be sure it has full range of motion.

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