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Now you're ready to get to work. No doubt you've examined your NEW blades inserts, and see that there are two ends marked, "TIP" and "LOCK." Note the difference.

The blade inserts have a groove or slot running the length that will take the metal or plastic reinforcement splines. (Your replacement inserts probably did not come with new splines. You'll reuse the ones in your current blades.)

Below this groove is another slot which runs all the way through on one end, and on the other has a little ramp leading to a separate pocket. This is the "lock" feature of the wiper blade.

Since you haven't removed your old blade insert, you can't see what that second slot mates with. Along the interior length of the wiper blade is a series of brackets which this slot slides through. The separate pocket on the "LOCK" end stops on the teeth of the last bracket on either end of the wiper assembly.

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