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Place the display face-down on a flat, heat-resistant surface. Ideally this is soft enough not to damage the fragile front of the display, and doesn't conduct heat like metal would. I used a thin fabric mat.

Fully remove the plastic shielding over the PCB by pulling up on the thick plastic with a spudger or your fingernails, taking care not to damage the aluminum tape. The black tape at the top will most likely have to be cut or pulled away, making it useless. Put aside.

While you could replace the aluminum tape with your own, the one that comes with the display can withstand being pulled out once or twice and has helpful holes that line up with dimples on the metallic back of the display for re-placement.

Lightly stick aluminum tape or "Kapton" tape, either on it's own or with attached aluminum foil, to shield all components but the long set of contacts at the top of the PCB, and the flex cables attached to them.

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