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Remove the ribbon cables by using your fingers or the card to very gently pull up on the latches (white or beige colored) to the direction away from the battery. Then by using the blue plastic ribbon pull the cables out towards the battery to remove them from their terminals.

Remove these cables by first lifting up the table that holds them down with just enough force to remove the tape from the motherboard but no more. Then remove the cables by using the card on the sides moving back and forth between sides to gently remove the cable from it's terminal. As done for a few of the earlier cables.

The last cable is the only cable like this for the C720, and it's removal can be a little tricky so be patient while removing it to avoid damage as these cable types are easy to damage.

If you look closely you can see that there is a little bit of tape that sits just over the edge of the terminal around where the yellow box's right edge is. Peel this tape back very slowly until it reaches the black part of the cable.

Now pull on the tape towards the left side of the device with the battery oriented away from you as it is in the picture.

Be extremely careful when dealing with these cables. Apply too much force on the removal or flipping of a latch, and you will have to purchase a replacement. Some of them are expensive.

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