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There are a total of six screws needed to unscrew for the fan to be removed. The screws themselves are built into the fan assembly and cannot be removed. Using the #0 Phillips screwdriver unscrew all of the screws.

Unscrew these as normal.

Remove these in order to the number directly next to them starting with 1 and goes up to 4. This prevents stripping of the threads on the screws.

The fan cable is now all we have left before we can remove the fan. To remove the cable use the card in a similar manner as the battery cable. Pull up on the tape just enough to separate it from the motherboard but not hard enough to pull on the wire. Push at the sides of the terminal with the card until fully removed from the connector.

Now we can remove the fan. Lift up on the fan to pull it out, and place it face up so that the thermal paste does not get on the table.

Do not pull at the wires to remove the fan cable. These wires and connectors are very fragile, and this can result in breaking them.

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