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Replacing the batteries is difficult. The wires must be as in this picture - there is simply no room for them to be anywhere on the outside of the housing.

My unit did not fit AAA, but some pics suggest that some units do fit AAA. If yours fits AAA then you can use AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Chopping the nipples off to make the batteries shorter is a bad idea because the battery quickly becomes useless when the air seal is broken.

Be extremely careful not to damage the red and black wires. If you mess around too much they will break and you will have to find another way to solder them back on. Work out where they connect to now so if you do break them you have a hope of putting them back on.

Make sure to correctly align the polarity of the batteries, as noted on the housing! If your batteries get hot all of a sudden, it is because you are shorting them or have wired them wrongly.

Cut 5mm of heat shrink and put on wires before soldering to tabs. Use a clamp to hold the unit when soldering. Get a good join. This unit generates serious vibration and any dodgy join will soon break. Red to positive, Black to Negative.

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