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This iron gets HOT! Use caution when handling the iron apparatus and anything it comes in contact with. When in doubt, assume the surface is hot.

The rubber handle of the iron should get hot (although it may become warm over time, this is not an issue). This is the safe location to handle the iron.

Any exposed metallic portion of the iron WILL be hot. The majority of the heat is located in the tip, but the base of the heating element (near the hand grips) is also hot enough to burn. DON'T TOUCH IT. EVER. WE MEAN IT.

Keep the iron in it's stand when not currently in use. Never leave a warm iron unattended. Before leaving a setup, ensure that the iron is UNPLUGGED and COLD. (Do not touch the tip of the iron to confirm this! If the iron is hot, this will be evident by observing radiating heat.)

Make sure the soldering iron is properly plugged into the base unit and is powered on. (red power switch is located on the side of the base unit)

Use the dial to set the temperature to read 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

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