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With a heat gun about 3-5 inches above the device, heat a section to enter with our prying tool. Slide the prying tool under the glass (Try to keep your prying tool from going too deep under the bezel of the glass. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY SCRATCH THE LCD.)

Go all the way around the screen (be sure to heat if you encounter any resistance. (The adhesive is very easy to get through with a tool when hot) When prying the glass up, be careful around the back button and menu buttons, they can stick to the glass.

Once you have pried the glass up, set the home button aside. Release the clip holding the digitizer cable. Now pull the cable through the housing of the phone.

Be sure to remove all adhesive and put new adhesive in its place.

Route the new digitizer cable through the housing in the phone and insert into slot in logic board. The lines on the cable will match the lines on the motherboard. Replace the home button (be sure to test it for that good ol' click!) and secure the glass.

Repeat the steps in reverse order for reassembly.

Once you have secured the logic board screw, front facing camera, and pushed all flex cables back in place, insert the battery, turn the device on and test the screen. If device tests successful, reassemble entirely. (I always test my devices before putting them back together and I recommend you do the same, it'll save you time and headaches!)

Congratulations, you did it!

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