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OPTIONAL: Install missing components. This requires purchase of additional components from See the guide parts list for more info. The image shows the location of the new components; you'll also need to install IC307.

Seriously, though, if you're going to add the missing components, buy the schematic online so that you have the PCB layout and schematic available for reference.

It is difficult to solder these components in place, due to the large nearby cap (C382). I removed it before installing the missing components, and then reinstalled it, although the ground plane made this difficult to unsolder.

You also MUST remove the 4 zero ohm resistors (as shown with a red line through them in the image).

There is one additional step to take: disable the power amp. This is done by removing the main board from the lower case, and shorting together pins 2 and 4, to hold the power amp in standby. This step is not necessary if the missing components are not installed.

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