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If you see bulged capacitors, treat the power supply as if the capacitors are holding a residual charge.

If the filter capacitor is replaced, it MUST be discharged before removal. In addition, the black screw (Blue marker) is a grounding screw and cannot be lost.

Only lift the power supply board at a slight angle. Lifting it any higher may damage the processing board or interface.

If you cannot find the original capacitors, the original parts can be safely substituted.

This capacitor is only used on older revisions. If your board has this capacitor, it should be replaced if handy.

With the power supply shield removed from the monitor, identify the power supply. Along with the listed capacitors, take note of any others you want to replace (Ex: Inverter coil).

Remove the 4 screws from the power supply. Once this is done, lift up the power supply at a slight angle to clear the chassis mounting holes.

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