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Before we go any further, it's time to blast these things with some X-rays (or, more accurately, it's time for our friends at Creative Electron to blast them with said X-rays).

Even more than most X-rays, this image is rich with see-through detail! We spot:

Two battery cells, both in the same ear cup.

Worryingly, there are some solder joints and wires near the batteries, but no obvious connectors. We're sill holding out hope for an easy battery swap procedure, though—the connectors aren't always easy to spot from here.

You'll notice in the X-ray that the ear cup opposite the batteries doesn't seem to have any sort of counter-weight, just empty space. Maybe it's tucked away somewhere else? We'll be on the lookout.

Huge dual-ring speaker driver magnets, and speaker units that appear to be secured with screws—a great sign!

Lots of little alignment magnets, brackets for the various microphones, and some more friendly screws.

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