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Easy peasy removable battereezy—Like other OnePlus models before, the Nord comes with a handy pull tab for convenient battery removal.

This can still stress the battery a fair bit, so for safety reasons you probably shouldn't re-use it after removal—only yank it out if you have a replacement ready.

Labeled BLP785, this source of fresh energy provides the Nord with 15.92 Wh (4,115 mAh @ 3.87 V).

That not only exceeds its mid-range rival, the Samsung Galaxy A51 (15.4 Wh), it even beats the iPhone 11 Pro Max (15.04 Wh). But it still lags behind its big brother, the monstrous OnePlus 8 Pro (17.45 Wh).

Now our curiosity is all charged up. What else have you got, Nord?

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