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These Error screens are hard faults and a power cycle will be necessary to clear them.

Thermistor Error! This is usually a wiring or component issue.

If reading is 0 or lower, you have an open circuit. This means 1 or both wires are not connected to maintain reasonably resistance. It could be from a broken wire or simply, an unplugged connection.

Heating Failed! This is sometimes a wiring or component issue.

This usually means a wire to the heated bed or nozzle has been damaged or unplugged but not always. It could be that you have the target temperature set to high for the available power and it is taking too long in your current environment.

MACHINE FAULT This is sometimes a wiring issue.

If an end stop (limit switch) is unplugged or isn't triggered during homing

Verify that all limit switches work (Serial Terminal using M119 command) and are contacted by the machine by hand.

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